About me

Born in 1968, Jason Fazackerley soon developed a passion for technology and what it can do. Graduating in IT Jason turned down the offer to join IBM, preferring to focus on smaller, more entrepreneurial businesses. Jason FazackerleyAt the age of 23 Jason formed his first business taking standard, then limited, ERP solutions and extending functionality to provide market focused ERP. In 1996 the business became one of the first Navision resellers in the UK and Jason implemented some of the first Navision solutions around that time. As Microsoft entered the ERP arena with Microsoft Dynamics, it was time to differentiate ERP offerings and Jason, with an ever developing environmental interest,  identified enwis as the ideal solution to the UK’s immature and undeveloped waste management industry. Jason remains as a passionate advocate of using technological solutions to solve human problems. Now working with Tegos, Jason helps organisations use incredible IT to deliver true business benefit in a sustainable manner.


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