UK falls miles behind China in low-carbon energy race?

When faced with the issue of climate change, many of us try to do our bit. But we are all fairly certain that anything we can do as an individual pales into insignificance when compared to the efforts that an entire government can make. For many years, the biggest, baddest threat to climate change has been the rapidly developing industry of the new world and more specifically China.

Does it surprise you then that in fact (according to a table published by the US Pew Environment Group – China leads the world in investment in low carbon energy technology. Even more disturbing is that is shows the UK has slipped out of the top 10 thanks to the swingeing government austerity cuts.

Mind you, with the massive disparity in population between our nations, maybe this doesn’t represent such a great achievement for the Chinese and maybe it also highlights that there is still very much more they can do. However, it also shows quite starkly that the UK is dodging its responsibilities.

Renewable, low carbon energy is absolutely vital to the long term survival of our current way of life. The uprisings in the Middle East and Africa show just how little control we actually have world matters, particularly when it comes to those all important oil-producing nations. No one likes to say, but the general belief is that we have reached the point we are finding less oil than we are using and that means it IS going to run out. Failing to invest in viable (ie. Non-nuclear) alternatives is essential and the UK is lagging behind.


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